What is Ogison?

OGISON TM is Ogiso Kogyo's brand name for the highest quality Linear Motion and Hard Chrome Plated Shafts available in the marketplace today. It is a name synonymous with consistent, superior performance and customer satisfaction. Whether you need a product for your slide shaft, linear motion bearings or need precision ground shafts for your air cylinder or hydraulic cylinder. Material Solutions is proud to be the exclusive master distributor in North America for this line of superior products and is ready to meet your needs.

Why Ogison?

  1. The quality of our products is strictly controlled from the raw material to the finished product.
  2. The manufacturer of OGISON™ has been the top producer of both Linear motion and Hard Chrome Plated Shafts in Japan for almost 70 years.
  3. We guaranty the quality of our product to your satisfaction and are ready at any time, upon request, to supply Mill Certifications confirming the quality of the raw material we use upon request.
  4. We have most of the standard sizes in stock in our US Warehouse for immediate delivery.
  5. We can special order products to meet your specific needs.
  6. We have a complete engineering and technical staff ready to assist you in product selection and application development.

* OGISON TM is a registered trademark of Ogiso Kogyo, Inc. in Japan.


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